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How many systems? Is your head exploding with whether you have lined everything up properly - your beats, objectives, super objectives, subtext, obstacles, actions, given circumstances, motivations and..and..and..have you ever wished there was another way? Such a lot to do before you can do what you love to do, make believe, perform, tell a story, get that wonderful feeling of losing yourself in your Imagination. At the studio we work mainly with the IMAGINATION. Not to deride the other stuff, all useful, but it should be borne in mind that those approaches should only really be called upon if you are struggling and need to stimulate your wonderful imagination, otherwise seems it is best to let it flow, and to see how far and where it will take you. Seems to me most actors are right brain creatures or is it left? Whichever is the side that is swollen with images and fantasy and creativity, not the logical side. The stuff outlined above is difficult for many of them and takes the fun and joy out of performing. Children at play have no need of it as I think great actors don't. Then there is also, for want of a better term, a meta-physical side to acting, who hasn't felt it from time to time? an accessing of something that provides us with creative impulses that are beyond words and systems and explanations and indeed may be blocked by over reliance on the following of a formula.

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