We would like to present the following as a news item for your consideration.
Major, award winning, internationally acclaimed playwright, screenwriter and director JIM CARTWRIGHT has begun an acting class, not in London or even Manchester but in a small back street hall in Chorley, in an attempt to provide affordable training for people in and around his own community.
This started in response to the recent out cry from leading figures in theatre and film, such as Julie Walters, David Morrisey, Chris Eccleston, James McAvoy etc., that entry into the profession and even training is fast becoming exclusive to people of privilege.
In fact even in the last few days, yet another article has been published, which follows on from a recently researched study, presenting figures that conclusively show that the percentage of working class people entering the arts is massively diminished and continuines to decline.
The good news is that Jim's project has been a resounding success, and the talent that has come through the doors has astounded him. The group will be putting on a showcase next week in central Manchester, which is already causing a stir and promises to be attended by most leading north west casting directors and agents.
Details are;
Tuesday 8th March at 5,30 pm at THE PALACE THEATRE.
In the downstairs bar area.
If you have an interest in attending or indeed in finding out more about the class and it's students then please do contact us.
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Angela Jones
A. J. Literary Associates LLP
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Jim Cartwright Biography.
An article on the class.
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As little as 10% of actors in the profession are from working class backgrounds.