It is a genuine pleasure to have the privilige to attend The Carwright Drama Studio and be coached by the man who wrote such wonderfull
plays, and who is without doubt one of our greatest living playwrites. Whose work I studied for my LAMDA exams. never thinking I would one day be part
of his drama group. Jim makes Drama fun, and his infectuous enthusiasm, knowledge,and and skill gives all who attend the confidence to bring out the
best in themselves. Exciting projects are underway in 2017, and all of us in the group in the group are really buzzing. D. M.....Chorley



"I joined the Cartwright Drama Studio very recently, and have already re thought my whole acting strategy.With the support of Jim and the amazing fellow students Cartwright Drama Studio has given me the confidence to think and act out of the box.
If you try an approach or an idea and it fails you will still be supported ,and you will be encouraged to try again.I am delighted to have discovered Jim Cartwright both as a mentor and a friend you can turn to for advice.If you want to take your acting and yourself further then you can think then join." A. F. ....Chorley

"The difference between these classes and other acting classes within Manchester, is that these are geared towards creating your own work, and there is a link between writing and performing. Creative exploration is encouraged, the group works as a unit, and the agenda is not only to improve as a performer, but to be able to create your own work and to follow that route. Who better to learn from about creating theatre then Jim Cartwright?"  T. K. ....Manchester


"I have been going to the Cartwright Drama Studio for some time now, and it's no exaggeration to say that the classes have changed my life. If someone had told me two years ago that I would be writing and performing my own work, I would never have believed it. Jim truly believes in us, and helps us all to believe in ourselves and each other, to throw off our doubts, tap into the imagination, and have a go!  I have seen my fellow class mates go from strength to strength, we have all grown in confidence, we support one another, and have become friends. That ethos comes from Jim, who supports everybody, whatever level they are at, from complete beginners to experienced actors. Going to the class is the highlight of my week, I get excited about it like a little kid on Christmas Eve!" P. M....Chorley


"I'd never acted in my life before. But Jim's classes transformed me from a block of solid walnut, into something mailable and animated. Somehow, inhibitions disappeared and were replaced with a fearless power and artistic energy I never knew I had. 
I'm a long way from being another Olivier, but I'm still closer to it than I ever imagined I possibly could be." T. C.....Manchester


"Sunday morning drag myself out of bed, drive down the motorway to Chorley clears my head. Jim Cartwrights acting class I'm bound. The best acting experience around."  D. J......Chorley


"Joining Cartwright drama studio has given me the confidence to say I can do this and I'm going to succeed by getting myself an acting job. 
I feel I'm part of a family and it's a great feeling. 
Thank you Jim, Angela and Tracey for  the opportunity " E. E....Chorley

"I decided to take myself serious as an actor after 20 years in showbiz all singing all dancing at Haven Butlins Centre Stage. Going to Cartwright Manchester Drama working with Jim Cartwright Co-writing acting directing with passion and pure imagination is without any hesitation the best decision I've ever made. Thanks for having me and making me feel part of the team." J. H....Manchester

"I still have to pinch myself that my new actor coach and mentor is the mighty Jim Cartwright. Since going to these classes with Jim, it has reignited that fire in my belly for this weird and wonderful performer game we play. Jim has such an incredible imagination and has stripped acting right back to the basics; the basic stuff we did many moons ago but have either lost the spark for, or become lazy over the years and skipped those instincts and skills. Such a wonderful, motivated environment to study, along with lovely people. Thanks Jim, for giving us all hope, focus, and for helping me re-discover the actor talent that I felt was starting to fade, around a busy real life!" J. H. ....Manchester

"The classes are great for empowering us as actors, not only for the opportunity to work with Jim, but because we are encouraged and guided to create and then perform our own work in front of industry professionals. " K. G....Manchester


" I've never felt so at home and so welcome at any drama training like I do at Cartwright Drama Studio. The talent that makes up Cartwright Studio is exceptional, and under the expert guidance and enthusiasm of Jim Cartwright and Tracey Higgins, it's easy to see why. Always challenging, always fun! I'm developing enormously as an actress each week and so I know the sessions are of huge benefit to me." J. P. ...Chorley


"Being taught acting by Jim Cartwright is a privilege and a pleasure. He's a warm, positive, encouraging teacher, backed up with all theknowledge, skill and vision you'd expect from someone with his credentials. I always think there's a top down effect in any group, and thanks to Jim's supportive, friendly teaching, I come to a class full of supportive, friendly actors, where it's always a joy to work. Jim's approach builds you up and gives you confidence, as well as the skills, knowledge and motivation you need to get out there and a build a great acting career." J. B....Chorley


Jim Cartwright's workshops are amazing! Warm and welcoming, innovative, inspiring and an oasis of the imagination! Everyone is encouraged to develop their creativity through exploration of performance and the crafting of their ideas into words, in a collaborative environment, in which to be included  is a joy and a blessing! The scope of all the elements and techniques covered - theatre and film-  voice, mime, improvisation (the list is considerable ....) is comprehensive and confidence enhancing to players at all stages of their careers. To be stimulated and nurtured by a gifted man of such calibre- not just in writing (which is internationally renown)  but in his understanding of many aspects of the industry, is incredible- not least because this all occurs in such  friendly, heart-warming,  supportive surroundings, which Jim naturally fosters. Quality is pursued and success results! I have to keep pinching myself that I'm on board with such an accomplished captain and his thoroughly trusty 'warrior' crew.

Thank you Jim you're an inspiration and thank you Angela for your initial encouragement too! D. L. ...Chorley

"I've been attending Jim's class since November 2016 and I have also had a one to one with Jim and I have to say that I feel like I learn so much in every class. Jim really does let you explore as an actor and just get back into creating a character with your imagination. It's been wonderful to work with Jim writing my own monologue and also being able to see how other actors in the class have created theres too.
I always leave the lessons feeling positive about myself as a performer yet also wanting to push myself even further in the following weeks class." S. A....Manchester


"There is no bullshit about Jim. He's salt of the earth. Yet he makes you believe that all things are possible if you dream big and have a plan. In Jim's classes you will discover ideas and abilities you never knew you had. Or, how to stop hiding your light under a bushel (whatever a bushel is). Truly inspirational!' K. H....Manchester


"Having heard from a couple of friends that Jim Cartwright was starting classes I just knew I had to be part of it. 
I performed in ROAD at Drama School in 1990 and have always loved this style of Northern, gritty performing. 
Being part of the classes has completely reignited my love of Acting after becoming jaded with the whole business. 
Working with Jim, who emphasises that FUN and 'showing off' is perfectly fine and indeed encouraged and a group of actors with varying degrees of experience who are giving, supportive and a joy to be with, the Sunday classes can't come round quick enough. 
My confidence now going for auditions is through the roof and I am now amazed when I don't get the part with my new found confidence. 
An absolute joy to be a part of this Northern acting revolution, long may this fabulous ROAD continue." N. R...Chorley 


"I have really enjoyed my short time that I've been going to the Cartwright studios , jim makes you feel like your part of a team and we are all in it together accompanied with that for me it has built my confidence as an actor who has been working in the industry for 10 years many classes I have attended since leaving LAMDA have not compared to those of jim's !! " J. D....Chorley


"It is both a privilege and a pleasure to attend the classes of Jim Cartwright. His experience is second to none as a writer, director and indeed an actor. The list of people he has worked with reads like a veritable Who's Who of modern television and theatre and yet he takes drama classes in little old Chorley. A real man of the people. " R. L...Chorley

"As soon as I walked into the class I knew that I had joined something special. Everyone helps one another be their best and there is a tremendous sense of camaraderie. Jim fosters a great work ethic and encourages you to think outside your comfort zone and not to be scared about challenging yourself. I cannot recommend the school enough." S. C....Chorley 

"I have been going to Jim's classes for just over a year now. Not only has he rekindled my love of writing but he has helped my confidence grow. 

He is so supportive and has fostered a really caring and nurturing environment where everyone feels safe to experiment. 

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the classes to anyone, whether an absolute beginner or more seasoned professional." S. K......Chorley


"It's impossible to oversell how inspiring Jim's classes have been for writing, performing and creating stories and characters in what is an incredibly nurturing and welcoming environment. I love that we leave each class feeling that success as a performer is ours for the taking and that it's not a case of 'if' but 'when'. It's hugely empowering and signing up to the studio is one of the best investments I made." L. S....Chorley


"I find Jim's classes the most wonderful of environments; it really is like being part of a family.  I’ve never lost my passion for acting but somewhere along the way I lost the belief in myself as an Actor. Jim has really given me that back and I know believe in myself again. Jim himself is a true inspiration his enthusiasm is infectious and intoxicating. Jim is so generous with his spirit his time, he truly cares about his student and wants nothing more than to see them succeed. I am much honored to consider him one of my friends and mentors." J. N....Chorley