In response to the many recent reports in the media by leading figures from the world of theatre and film, that it is becoming increasingly difficult for many to afford or gain entry to the acting profession, a leading figure from the world of Theatre, Television and Film has founded an exclusive Drama Studio in the Chorley, Lancashire and also recently in Manchester city centre.


Offering the unique opportunity for adults to receive actor training from an industry professional.


We are honoured to share some of the testimonies from present students.....


'These classes are so amazing'.. 'Love every minute'..'I have attended many classes in Manchester and London and this is by far the best'...'Brilliant!'..'Jim is absolutely fantastic, the class is inspirational, the laughs are loud, love it'..'You bring out the best in us'..'Jim is an incredible teacher'..'So much talent in the room, fantastic classes'...'The classes are so amazing'..'The Cartwright drama studio is the greatest drama studio in history!!!!!!'...'So welcoming and non judgemental'..'I highly recommend it'..'Very inspiring'..'I can't recommend it enough'..'A wonderful class, so skilled at drawing out talent'..


To see examples of just some of the work we have been doing, please go to 'Examples of work'.


We have regular showcases in Manchester, most recently at The Palace Theatre,  performing to most of the leading Casting Directors and Agents of the North West. From the very first they have been more than well received and the feedback and interest in the performers and their work has been tremendous.


Admission to the studio is by application only.


Email: cartwrightdramastudio@gmail.com


Tel: 01257 264641